John J. Ciafone was born, raised and educated in the public schools of our neighborhood.  John received scholarships at New York University and St. John’s School of Law. He is married with three beautiful children and works in our community full time as an attorney.


Ciafone was elected twice with the highest number of votes to Community School Board 30. As President and Treasurer, John distinguished himself as the only Board member citywide with a perfect attendance record. He fought for more schools to reduce overcrowding and greater safety measures.  Ciafone is responsible for more crossing guards and bringing school uniforms into the district.

John J. Ciafone will fight to:

  • Support local businesses to create better paying jobs for our community.
  • Protect our Senior Centers and Meals-on-Wheels Programs
  • Create Affordable Housing for Our Vulnerable Senior Citizens
  • Advocate Property Tax Relief for Homeowners and Small Businesses
  • Restore Subway and Bus services
  • Preserve our community libraries
  • Clean up our neighborhoods, protect our Fire Houses and work for more Police on our  streets